Shreveport Bossier City’s Newest Real Estate Game – Kim’s Gems
Kim Stephenson

Play Kim’s Gems Real Estate Game and win $50 dinner for two

Kims Gems real estate game

Kims Gems real estate game

So I’m sitting here thinking to myself, “What’s all this stuff about social engagement, social media, facebook, and so on? I’m a real estate agent. That’s what I’m good at. Since when do real estate agents have to be computer savvy web designers to interact with potential clients?” No answer comes to mind.

It doesn’t matter though. Like many other things in life, I’m jumping into this social stuff with a bang! (or more precisely, by clicking my mouse) I want to introduce to you my new real estate game called Kim’s Gems! We’ll all learn this together as we go, but I want to start it off simple. This game works just like the “I Spy” game. Beginning at noon Friday, Feb 28 I will post on the Shreveport Real Estate Facebook Page an announcement for Kim’s Gems I will randomly pick a house from our Shreveport MLS web page and give clues about it. At this time anybody who wants to participate in the game can begin guessing which house I am talking about. I will not give the answer until the following Monday at noon. At that time we will look back through the comment and see who got it right first. If there is no winner I will continue giving clues until a winner is found! The winner will win $50 dinner for two, paid for by my real estate brokerage, Shreveport Real Estate, LLC !

So far there is only two rules.

  1. You must have a northwest Louisiana mailing address to qualify. The only exception to this is if you are a current or past customer of Shreveport Real Estate, LLC.
  2. You must be a fan of the Shreveport Real Estate Facebook Page. If you’re not already a fan just hit the like button and you’re done.

We’ll add any new rules as they are needed. But other than that and without further ado, let’s get this started!

Be looking at noon CST Friday, Feb 28 on the Shreveport Real Estate Facebook Page for the very first Kim’s Gems game.

If you have any questions or comments please post them here!

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Matthew Thompson

Congratulations to Jason from Haughton Louisana for winning Kim’s Gem. The winning property is below. Please make sure to get ready this Friday at noon for another Kim’s Gem game!