We expanded into DeRidder Real Estate in central Louisiana

For those of you that search for homes south of the Shreveport Bossier City area I’m pleased to announce that we’ve opened a new brokerage about 2.5 hours south of here. This brokerage is engaged in the DeRidder real estate market and services the areas of DeRidder, Leesville, and Fort Polk. The name of the brokerage is DeRidder LA Real Estate, LLC.

DeRidder Real Estate moving truck

DeRidder Real Estate moving truck

So what’s this mean for you? A couple of things. First of all if you or someone you know is looking for something in the south Lousiana area we have people down there that can serve them! The next thing is that we’ve spent the better part of a year creating and developing new ideas that we implemented into the DeRidder website. Those ideas new features will be coming to this site and others that we run in the area.

What’s more? We got a moving truck for our DeRidder office, hopefully we’ll soon be adding a moving truck for the Shreveport Bossier City areas.

visit our DeRidder Real Estate site to search for homes in DeRidder Leesville and Fort Polk.

Shreveport Real Estate, LLC free giveaway!

Shreveport Real Estate, LLC giveaway

Shreveport Real Estate, LLC giveaway

Shreveport Real Estate, LLC free giveaway!
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Rural Development Program overview by Denise Brossette

When in the market to purchase a home, there are many financing options available. Some financial decisions to consider may be the amount of down payment, total monthly payment, term of the loan, or length of time that you will live in the home (or wish to keep the mortgage).
If you are considering purchasing a home that is outside the city limits, one of the popular choices for a mortgage is the Rural Development Program, which is guaranteed by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. This mortgage program is available for the purchase of eligible property located outside the city limits, and does not require a down payment. The Rural Development mortgage offers competitive fixed rate mortgages with terms up to 30 years. In some cases, the closing costs and prepaid items may be financed into the loan. This program allows flexible underwriting, but has qualifying income limitations. The income limitation will vary based on the Parish where the property is located and other factors, including the number of dependents of the borrower(s).
Contact a USDA-approved lender today to discuss your mortgage options. It is essential to work with a mortgage professional that understands what is important to you, and helps to determine the choices available based on your individual needs. Contact your Realtor today and ask for a referral to a professional mortgage lender.

Here is a list of homes for sale in the Shreveport Bossier area that meet criteria for rural development.

Denise Brossette
Pierremont Mortgage, Inc.

Zillow and Trulia will no Longer Access MLS Data

The break up of ListHub and Zillow. So the hot topic this week has been the apparent falling apart of the National Association of Realtor’s (NAR) relationship with Zillow and Trulia. In a recent announcement by the NAR, ceo Rupert Murdoch says that the NAR will no longer supply MLS property listings to Zillow and Trulia through NAR’s subsidiary company, ListHub.

A little background. Most of you already know that Trulia, Zillow, and Realtor.com are the top three most visited real estate sites in America. This is because they have real estate listings from every town in American, unlike local sites like this one that specialize in showing real estate listings in a specific area. Recently Zillow and Trulia merged together, making them collectively the largest real estate portal on the internet. Realtor.com gets all of their listings from real estate brokerages like Shreveport Real Estate, LLC. In order for us to be members of the National Association of Realtors, and participate in the MLS, Realtor.com forces us to share MLS data with them. It kind of sucks because the data technically belongs to the real estate brokers that create the data, but in order to get your properties sold we participate so that exposure is maximized. I wish we could share the data with participating cooperative brokers and not Realtor.com. I’ve never been a fan of behemoths trying take over everything. I like it how it was 5 years ago when you searched for real estate, and listings from all the local brokers in the area appeared instead of these one-site-for-everybody places. (I also feel the same way about Amazon’s takeover of internet shopping, but that’s another story.) According to Inman News, Zillow and Trulia have relied on Realtor.com’s subsidiary, ListHub, for 60% of their data!

Say what!? How will Zillow Survive when ListHub is pulling 60% of their data!?

While I write this article Zillow has 2.8 million homes for sale on their website. If ListHub takes away 60% of them then that leaves 1.1 million. Sure that’s still a lot of homes for sale, but let’s put that into prospective. If there are 10 houses in your neighborhood listed on for sale on Zillow then that means only 4 houses will be listed for sale on Zillow once this is said and done! And the other side of this is that ListHub maintains the accuracy of the listings they provide to Zillow. Most people know Zillow has earned a reputation of having inaccurate and stale listings on their site. I would venture to say that any accuracy Zillow does enjoy is a direct result of the efforts of ListHub.

But Zillow says they’ve got it all figured out

Zillow says they will get the data from Brokerages. Does Zillow really think this will happen, or are they just saying this so their stockholders don’t fly the coop? According to Zillow themselves they will no longer get listings from ListHub, and they plan to fill this enormous void by getting the data directly from the many thousands of real estate Brokers across the land. What? I can’t speak for all real estate brokers, but they aren’t getting the data from Shreveport Real Estate, LLC! Unless they were to do something that drastically changes our minds then we view Zillow as a competitor. Furthermore we believe that:

  • Zillow is sloppy with there data management and is doing a disservice to the real estate community (buyers, sellers, and agents alike) by wasting our time with inaccurate and stale data.
  • Zillow uses extortion tactics on real estate agents. Since Zillow is a big company they spend lots of money trying to rank more prominently than local real estate firms on search engines. By doing this it gets them more traffic to their website whereby they capture leads and try to sell them back to real estate agents. And quite frankly Zillow has been very successful at getting real estate agents to pay for leads. For us, we just think there’s something fundamentally wrong with giving Zillow real estate data, then having them misuse the data to commit extortion tactics against the real estate industry. And Trulia does the same thing.

Real estate agents may be at risk. Many real estate agents have invested large sums of money into advertising, or as Zillow puts it, “Going Pro”, on Zillow’s and Trulia’s websites. To me it’s just buying leads, but some guys like to put a fancier title to it. And furthermore a large portion of these real estate agents stand to lose a lot because buying leads from Zillow and Trulia is where they get 100% of their business from. It is their plan A and their plan B!

Having said that, Zillow is a big company with deep pockets. Maybe they have a genius up there in the Zillow throne that has a plan. Is this a move by Zillow to drive more real estate market share to themselves? I guess we’ll only find out when we start to see all of this unfold beginning April 2015. I plan to revisit this article with updates, and please post your comments!

Robert Brown Plumbing Company Shreveport Bossier City

Robert Brown Plumbing in Bossier City, Louisiana. This is not the first company I called. We had a sewage problem on a Saturday, and I called a plumbing company that had more reviews before I called Robert Brown. The first company I called had one of those cheesy answering services, never returned my phone call and wasted about 2 hours of my time. I then decided to try Robert Brown Plumbing even though they had no reviews. They picked up the phone immediately on a Saturday, and they had a man out in here an hour. The gentleman that showed up for the call was courteous and had a positive attitude. My job was a pretty tough one because the sewer drain was stopped about 50 feet down the line out by the street. We had to dig up the line in my yard to clear it. Even though the work took about three hours, my invoice from the company was fairly priced. My experience with this company and their great employee, Dan, makes me think “Robert Brown” when I’m thinking plumbing. I’m not one to over-toot the horn, but try these guys out next time you need plumbing work done. Robert Brown Plumbing, Bossier City, LA (318) 747-4848.

Kings Crossing Subdivision in Shreveport Louisiana

Kings Crossing fountain

Kings Crossing fountain

Kings Crossing is a garden home subdivision in Shreveport, Louisiana. It is highly sought after because of its location in the heart Shreveport, it’s proximity to high-ranking schools, and its allure of peaceful living. The yards in Kings Crossing are small and well-manicured, with great attention to detail. The streets are winding ad the trees are tall enough to provide plenty of afternoon shade. The subdivision was built in the 90s, and the homes are moderately priced. Check out this video of Kings Crossing, and be sure to call Kim Stephenson at 318-458-5600 if you’d like to schedule a viewing!

Dixie Gardens Subdivision in Shreveport Louisiana
Kim Stephenson

New for this morning is a video perspective of Dixie Gardens subdivision in Shreveport Louisiana. Dixie Gardens located in the east central part of Shreveport a few miles due east of Broadmoor subdivision. What is unique about Dixie Gardens is the fact they are a country subdivision right in the middle of Shreveport. As soon as you enter this subdivision the hustle and bustle of city come to an abrupt stop, and you’re literally sitting in the middle of the country!

Call me at 318-458-5600 if there is anything I can help you with anything in real estate!

Cobblestone Subdivision in south Shreveport
Kim Stephenson

Today I’d like to shine the spotlight on the clean and well-maintained Cobblestone subdivision in south Shreveport. Cobblestone is composed mostly of townhomes, and generally prices run in the $100K – $125K range.

Cobblestone Subdivision Shreveport

Cobblestone Subdivision Shreveport

If you’re looking for the access and convenience of south Shreveport, and a 2 bedroom home in the 1000 square foot size is right for you then Cobblestone subdivision might be the place for you. Check out this youtube video which does a great job of showing the sights of Cobblestone subdivision in south Shreveport.

South Shreveport offers some of the best restaurants, has shopping from pretty much all of the major retailers like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Krogers, and is served by Willis Knighton Pierremont hospital. If you live in in this subdivision please comment below, and let us know what it’s like to live there!