Anderson Island Subdivision in the Heart of Shreveport
Kim Stephenson

Anderson Island subdivision is located in the heart of Shreveport, Louisiana. It is one block from Shreveport Barksdale and tucked away in a quiet friendly community. Most of the houses in Anderson Island are affordable and were built in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. For suburban living in the heart of the city you should check out the homes for sale in Anderson Island. As of this morning there are ten listings for sale in Anderson Island. All are priced between $109K and $145K:

2736 Bolch, Shreveport LA – $144,900

1020 Gayle Street, Shreveport LA – $142,500

2717 Knight, Shreveport LA – $139,900

2710 Beazley, Shreveport LA – $135,000

2714 Knight, Shreveport LA – $134,900

2709 Doles Pl, Shreveport LA – $134,000

801 East Washington, Shreveport LA – $129,500

2611 W Cavet, Shreveport LA – $119,000

2828 Doles Pl, Shreveport LA – $117,000

2824 West Cavett, Shreveport LA – $109,900

Here is a video of Anderson Island Subdivision

If you have something you would like to see in Anderson Island Subdivision give Kim Stephenson a all at 318-458-5600.

Hidden Trace Subdivision in south Shreveport
Kim Stephenson

One of our favorite places to show homes in Shreveport is in Hidden Trace subdivision. The neighborhood is peaceful and well kept, and it is located close to all of the conveniences in Shreveport, LA. As of this morning there are two listings for sale in Hidden Trace:

491 GRAND OAKS Dr, Shreveport LA 71106 – $238,500

504 GRAND OAKS, Shreveport LA 71106 – $229,900

Here is a video of Hidden Trace Subdivision

If you have something you would like to see in Hidden Trace Subdivision give Kim Stephenson a all at 318-458-5600.

Shreveport Real Estate Interactive Map Search
Matthew Thompson

Today I have great news to announce to you. We are just putting the finishing touches on our brand new interactive map search for the Shreveport Bossier City area. This map search is updated automatically throughout the day and contacts all of the homes for sale in Shreveport, Bossier City, Benton, and Haughton.

Throughout the years our customers that enjoy looking on maps for property have asked us to come up with a full-featured map search. Until today there has not been a full-featured map search for the Shreveport Bossier City area. A full featured map allows the user to complete the entire search process from beginning to end.

  • customer searches for properties visually on the map
  • customer is supported throughout the process with instant phone access and 5-minutes-or less text messaging from our agent
  • customer can create an account and save properties to his/her list of favories
  • customer can search on any device, and it still looks good. The site is responsive and adapts well to mobile devices
  • every listing has one-click navigation that works on any smart phone

We put a lot of sweat into this one, guys, and I really hope you like it. Here is a short demonstration of me using the interactive map search:

Are you ready to give the Shreveport Bossier City Interactive Map Search a Try? click the picture below:

Shreveport Bossier City Interactive Real Estate Map Search

Forest Hills Subdivision, Haughton LA – New Homes and Used Homes Values Nearly Equal
Matthew Thompson

So I’m playing around on Facebook this morning seeing what’s going, when I get into this conversation about homes in Forest Hills Subdivision in Haughton Louisiana. Now first, a little background. This conversation is about a post from our main website that shows all posts for sale in Forest Hills Subdivision:

Homes for Sale in Forest Hills Subdivision

During this conversation I had come across some appraisal data about a particular house that was appraised at 8.57% less than a new house. I immediately took the opinion of the appraiser and jumped to the conclusion that used houses in Forest Hills Subdivision sell for 8.57% less than new houses. To me this finding was alarming and and suggested that one might need to look at purchasing used houses in Forest Hills rather than new houses. After all, if this statement were true it would practically mean that a home in Forest Hills loses 8.57% of its value the moment it becomes a used house. To me, a new house pretty much becomes a used house once you buy it, and you are the first owner.

But then one of the people participating in the conversation told me that this was simply not true. Being the type of person I am I decided to go on a fact finding mission and discover if in fact my assumption were true. So I took all the houses that have sold in Forest Hills for the past 4 years. Out of 69 houses, 60% of them were new houses, 40% were used houses. The average price of a new house was $127.76/sf. The average price of a used house was $126.86/sf. Given this, my calculations show new houses in Forest Hills sell for 0.7% more than used houses, which is certainly inside the margin of error. So therefore, I had to concede the statement above about new houses in Forest Hills selling for 8.57% more than used houses is indeed not true.

So then I look to the appraisal data to try to discover why the original house in question is priced at $8.57% below the average market value in Forest Hills. After just a little digging I discovered that this particular house is one of the largest in the subdivision at nearly 4000 square feet. In Forest Hills, given the data sample, only 3% of the houses that have sold in the past four years are greater than 3%.

A lesson that can be learned from this. If you do find yourself shopping for houses in a subdivision where new houses are selling for substantially higher than used houses then you might better stick to the used houses. You wouldn’t want to take a hit on the value of your house decreasing just because you bought it new.

This simple conversation unleashes a lot of market data about the Forest Hills Subdivision in Haughton, Louisiana. Check it out:

  • If you are shopping for a house in Forest Hills expect to pay about $127 per square foot if it is less than 2000 square feet
  • If you are shopping for a house greater than 3000 square feet in Forest Hills you might be in for a pleasant surprise. As of the publish date of this article, these houses sell for $115-$120 per square foot.

Then just for good measure I have some more opinions to offer about the subdivision just in case you are considering purchasing in Forest Hills:

  • Forest Hills is one of the most sought after subdivisions to live in the Haughton / Bossier City area of Louisiana. The one subdivision that is most similar to Forest Hills is nearby Cornerstone Subdivision in Haughton LA.
  • It’s family friendly with lots of active parents and year-round locals sports for the little ones.
  • The lots are spacious with most lots sized at or just under 1/2 acre.
  • Most facilities are within 10 to 20 minutes driving time with only low to moderate traffic.
  • It’s only 5-10 minutes to Barksdale Air Force Base

With that, I leave you with a few pictures and a video of Forest Hills Subdivision in Haughton, Louisiana. If you are considering purchasing a home in Forest Hills Subdivision give us a call, and we’ll be glad to show some houses to you.

Shreveport Bossier City’s Newest Real Estate Game – Kim’s Gems
Kim Stephenson

Play Kim’s Gems Real Estate Game and win $50 dinner for two

Kims Gems real estate game

Kims Gems real estate game

So I’m sitting here thinking to myself, “What’s all this stuff about social engagement, social media, facebook, and so on? I’m a real estate agent. That’s what I’m good at. Since when do real estate agents have to be computer savvy web designers to interact with potential clients?” No answer comes to mind.

It doesn’t matter though. Like many other things in life, I’m jumping into this social stuff with a bang! (or more precisely, by clicking my mouse) I want to introduce to you my new real estate game called Kim’s Gems! We’ll all learn this together as we go, but I want to start it off simple. This game works just like the “I Spy” game. Beginning at noon Friday, Feb 28 I will post on the Shreveport Real Estate Facebook Page an announcement for Kim’s Gems I will randomly pick a house from our Shreveport MLS web page and give clues about it. At this time anybody who wants to participate in the game can begin guessing which house I am talking about. I will not give the answer until the following Monday at noon. At that time we will look back through the comment and see who got it right first. If there is no winner I will continue giving clues until a winner is found! The winner will win $50 dinner for two, paid for by my real estate brokerage, Shreveport Real Estate, LLC !

So far there is only two rules.

  1. You must have a northwest Louisiana mailing address to qualify. The only exception to this is if you are a current or past customer of Shreveport Real Estate, LLC.
  2. You must be a fan of the Shreveport Real Estate Facebook Page. If you’re not already a fan just hit the like button and you’re done.

We’ll add any new rules as they are needed. But other than that and without further ado, let’s get this started!

Be looking at noon CST Friday, Feb 28 on the Shreveport Real Estate Facebook Page for the very first Kim’s Gems game.

If you have any questions or comments please post them here!


Shreveport Real Estate datafeed update
Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson


Quick status update for you guys. Over the weekend several of you called in and said the real estate data was missing from the website. (Thank you by the way!). Just wanted to post and update and let know it is fixed. There was a database structure change at the datacenter which made the real estate information go out of sync with our servers. The data structure has been updated and you should once again have the freshest real estate listings in Shreveport Bossier City!

Contact Kim Stephenson if you need any help with real estate! 318-458-5600

12 reasons why to use Shreveport Real Estate, LLC
Matthew Thompson

There are real estate companies all over the Shreveport Bossier City area. So why would you pick us? I attempt to answer this questions, and hopefully earn the opportunity to work for you, in the following article:
Online since 2005, Shreveport Real Estate, LLC, is and has always been the largest and most comprehensive real estate website in northwest Louisiana. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying or selling a home our family-owned real estate brokerage can help you get it done.  If you are a seller we can get more people looking at your property.  If you are a buyer we can give you our time and advice to help you make sound real estate decisions. We believe our real estate company has a lot to offer you, and the information below should serve as testament that we are fanatically involved in the business of buying and selling homes:

  • Quick search for Shreveport Real Estate – We were the first website (and remain the best) to implement the quick search for Shreveport Real Estate. The quick search is available on the home page of our website and continues to be the #1 way people search on our site.
  • We show all homes for sale in Shreveport Bossier City – All of the listings on one page with the price out beside it. Clicking on each listing opens a new window so you don’t lose your spot on the page.
  • Detailed Shreveport real estate search – Do you only want to look at houses with pools?  No problem.  We have an advanced real estate search on our site that will let you see only those details you want to see.
  • Subdivisions in Shreveport and Bossier City – We took the time (and spent the gobs of money!) to document and video a large number of subdivisions in Shreveport and Bossier City.  Browse our subdivisions and see find the area you want to live before you pick exactly the house you want.
  • Shreveport Bossier City For Sale By Owner – Do you want to try to sell your own home before benefiting from the services of a real estate professional? We have a popular page on our website where people can list their homes for sale for free!
  • Bossier and Caddo Parish Schools – We took the time to list most of the public schools in the Shreveport and Bossier City areas. We are working on providing information about all the school and we already have quite a wealth of Bossier and Caddo school info.
  • Shreveport Real Estate, LLC facebook page – Be social when it comes to selling your home or looking for homes.  All of our listings are posted on our facebook page for everybody to see and discuss.
  • Shreveport Real Estate, LLC pinterest page – Pinterest is our favorite social network.  It’s no surprise though.  Real estate advertised on the internet is done with pictures, lots of pictures!  Use Pinterest to organize your real estate search!
  • Shreveport Real Estate, LLC twitter page – Let’s not leave out the tweets.  All of our real estate listings and real estate video get multiple tweets on Twitter. People especially love it when we tweet our real estate videos are Twitter.
  • Shreveport Real Estate, LLC youtube page – People love our youtube page about real estate.  It has over 100,000 views, and we have a video of just about every subdivision in Shreveport and Bossier City. We have actually sold houses to buyers who found them on youtube!
  • Shreveport Real Estate, LLC instagram page – Instagram is hot on iphones and gaining momentum on android devices.
    More and more people are using instagram, and we figured why not post pictures of our houses for sale on instagram!?
  • Shreveport Real Estate, LLC Google+ page – Google+ hasn’t really taken off yet, but we have a page just in case they do.  If their history is any indicator of success we can expect that Google+ might become a major player with regard to social networking in the future.

How to Take Pictures of a room without a Wide Angle Lense
Matthew Thompson

Some of our customers and fellow realtors have asked us the question, “How do you take pictures of a room and get the whole room in the picture?”
Take a look at the interior pictures of this house for sale in Haughton LA:

wide view of piano room

wide view of kitchen/nook

wide view of master bathroom

None of the pictures above would have been possible to take with an ordinary camera. There is too much to zoom into the lense without moving the camera away. Then if you move too far away you’re going to run into a wall.

In order to take a picture of your house for sale with this wide of an angle you will need a wide angle lense for your camera. A lense that we often use for wide angle shots of house interiors is a Canon EFS 10-22mm. The drawback to this is that the lense costs about $800, and it doesn’t come in much use unless you are wanting to take wide angle pictures or up close pictures.

But guess what? The pictures above where not taken with a wide angle lense. Each picture in the pictures above is a compilation of several pictures, all stitched together. What we did was take several pictures, from left to right, of the room. Then we loaded the pictures into image stitching software that stitches the images together so perfectly that they look like one single picture. The software we used to stitch the images together is “The Panorama Factory“.

The pictures above are the types of pictures that we take with all houses that are listed by Shreveport Real Estate, LLC.

Kim’s QR Code is for Mobile Real Estate Search
Kim Stephenson

Kim Stephenson

Have you guys seen the QR Code at the top of For those of you that have not here’s what it looks like:


Now all joking aside, when my broker showed me this thing I thought, “What the heck is that? Looks like a square with a bunch of ugly black dots in it to me!”.

But after a little explaining it became very clear to me just how useful this QR code can be.  If you have a QR code reader on your cellphone, and most of the cellphones these do have it.  If you do not have one on your phone you can download it from your “play store” or your “app store” for free. Once installed on your phone you can scan the QR code and it will give you the following choices:

  • Add contact – puts my contact info into your phone
  • Show map – gives you directions to my broker’s office
  • Dial number – gives me a jingle!
  • Send email – sends me an email
  • – sends you to the real estate site

The best choice to pick is “Add contact”. This will store all of my information in your phone as a contact. Then the next time you’re waiting in line at the drive thru or sitting in the airport terminal you can access from my contact information. I think you will love for your mobile real estate search. So go ahead, scan the QR code above and put my contact info into your phone!

Here is a video that shows how to use the QR code: first blog post
Matthew Thompson

It’s been a long time coming, but finally got its long overdue website overhaul. This website provides real estate news with regard to the Northwest Louisiana region and fresh, hourly updated real estate listings. is a domain owned and operated by Shreveport Real Estate, LLC and registered with ICANN since 1997.

Kim Stephenson is the real estate agent assigned to Please give Kim a call at 318-458-5600 if you have any questions with real estate or need help buying or selling a home.

Lastly, let me I leave you with this cool drone flight over Forest Hills Subdivision in Haughton, Louisiana:

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