How to Take Pictures of a room without a Wide Angle Lense
Matthew Thompson

Some of our customers and fellow realtors have asked us the question, “How do you take pictures of a room and get the whole room in the picture?”
Take a look at the interior pictures of this house for sale in Haughton LA:

wide view of piano room

wide view of kitchen/nook

wide view of master bathroom

None of the pictures above would have been possible to take with an ordinary camera. There is too much to zoom into the lense without moving the camera away. Then if you move too far away you’re going to run into a wall.

In order to take a picture of your house for sale with this wide of an angle you will need a wide angle lense for your camera. A lense that we often use for wide angle shots of house interiors is a Canon EFS 10-22mm. The drawback to this is that the lense costs about $800, and it doesn’t come in much use unless you are wanting to take wide angle pictures or up close pictures.

But guess what? The pictures above where not taken with a wide angle lense. Each picture in the pictures above is a compilation of several pictures, all stitched together. What we did was take several pictures, from left to right, of the room. Then we loaded the pictures into image stitching software that stitches the images together so perfectly that they look like one single picture. The software we used to stitch the images together is “The Panorama Factory“.

The pictures above are the types of pictures that we take with all houses that are listed by Shreveport Real Estate, LLC.

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