12 reasons why to use Shreveport Real Estate, LLC
Matthew Thompson

There are real estate companies all over the Shreveport Bossier City area. So why would you pick us? I attempt to answer this questions, and hopefully earn the opportunity to work for you, in the following article:
Online since 2005, Shreveport Real Estate, LLC, is and has always been the largest and most comprehensive real estate website in northwest Louisiana. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying or selling a home our family-owned real estate brokerage can help you get it done.  If you are a seller we can get more people looking at your property.  If you are a buyer we can give you our time and advice to help you make sound real estate decisions. We believe our real estate company has a lot to offer you, and the information below should serve as testament that we are fanatically involved in the business of buying and selling homes:

  • Quick search for Shreveport Real Estate – We were the first website (and remain the best) to implement the quick search for Shreveport Real Estate. The quick search is available on the home page of our website and continues to be the #1 way people search on our site.
  • We show all homes for sale in Shreveport Bossier City – All of the listings on one page with the price out beside it. Clicking on each listing opens a new window so you don’t lose your spot on the page.
  • Detailed Shreveport real estate search – Do you only want to look at houses with pools?  No problem.  We have an advanced real estate search on our site that will let you see only those details you want to see.
  • Subdivisions in Shreveport and Bossier City – We took the time (and spent the gobs of money!) to document and video a large number of subdivisions in Shreveport and Bossier City.  Browse our subdivisions and see find the area you want to live before you pick exactly the house you want.
  • Shreveport Bossier City For Sale By Owner – Do you want to try to sell your own home before benefiting from the services of a real estate professional? We have a popular page on our website where people can list their homes for sale for free!
  • Bossier and Caddo Parish Schools – We took the time to list most of the public schools in the Shreveport and Bossier City areas. We are working on providing information about all the school and we already have quite a wealth of Bossier and Caddo school info.
  • Shreveport Real Estate, LLC facebook page – Be social when it comes to selling your home or looking for homes.  All of our listings are posted on our facebook page for everybody to see and discuss.
  • Shreveport Real Estate, LLC pinterest page – Pinterest is our favorite social network.  It’s no surprise though.  Real estate advertised on the internet is done with pictures, lots of pictures!  Use Pinterest to organize your real estate search!
  • Shreveport Real Estate, LLC twitter page – Let’s not leave out the tweets.  All of our real estate listings and real estate video get multiple tweets on Twitter. People especially love it when we tweet our real estate videos are Twitter.
  • Shreveport Real Estate, LLC youtube page – People love our youtube page about real estate.  It has over 100,000 views, and we have a video of just about every subdivision in Shreveport and Bossier City. We have actually sold houses to buyers who found them on youtube!
  • Shreveport Real Estate, LLC instagram page – Instagram is hot on iphones and gaining momentum on android devices.
    More and more people are using instagram, and we figured why not post pictures of our houses for sale on instagram!?
  • Shreveport Real Estate, LLC Google+ page – Google+ hasn’t really taken off yet, but we have a page just in case they do.  If their history is any indicator of success we can expect that Google+ might become a major player with regard to social networking in the future.

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